Saving Francesca

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Marchetta, Melina. 2003. Saving Francesca. New York: Alfred A. Knopf. ISBN 0-375-82982-2. $15.95. Hardcover.

  • W.A. Young Readers Book Award (WAYRA) 2004  – Winner Older Readers
  • S.A. Festival Award for Literature 2004  – Short-listed Young Adult Division
  • CBC Book of the Year 2004  – Winner Older Readers
  • Young Aust Best Book Award (YABBA) 2004  – Short-listed Older Readers
  • Family Award for Children’s Books 2004  – Long-listed Older Readers
  • Kids Own Aust Literature Award (KOALA) 2004  – Short-listed Older Readers
  • COOL Award 2004  – Short-listed Older Readers
  • Parent’s Choice Gold Award 2004  – Winner
  • Bulletin Blue Ribbon 2004  – Long-listed

When her mother decides  not to get out of bed one morning, Francesca must learn to cope, help her father and brother and also find herself.

Do you ever wish you were something you are not? Francesca has this problem. She has a lot on her plate,  such as being one of thirty girls among seven hundred and fifty boys at a recently made co-ed school, St. Sebastian’s in Australia. She longs to be strong and confident like her mother, Mia. Then one morning, Mia stays in bed. So in addition to coping with a new school and finding new friends, Francesca must also pull herself together and rally her brother and dad together to get Mia out of bed.  In the end, Francesca learns a lot about life, her family, love and friendship. Watch her grow and become a confident young woman in Saving Francesca.