The Man Who Was Poe

Avi. 1989. The Man Who Was Poe. New York: Avon Books. ISBN 0-380-71192-3. $3.50. Paperback.

*1990—Library of Congress best book

*1990 Edgar Allan Poe Award-Young Adult nominee

*Horn Book Magazine–Reviewed March 1990

*Recommended paperback for older readers by Horn Book Nov/Dec 1991.

*School Library Journal Review Sept 1989

Edmund is searching for his family and finds help in an unexpected place from a mysterious man.

“Every fear, every image,…has two sides.” Edmund learns the truth of this as he races through Providence, Rhode Island searching for his loved ones. They came in search of his mother, then his aunt went out and never returned and finally when Edmund went to buy food, Sis vanished from a locked room. While searching he comes upon a strange man, who introduces himself as Dupin. Others seem to know him as Poe. Who is he really and can he help Edmund find what he is searching for? Does he see Edmund as a person or just an idea for a story?

Poe gives voice to his writing motivations by saying, “What I believe,” he said finally, his voice strained,  “is that writers write about what they know best. And,” he concluded, “what some writers know best is what they fear.” Join Edmund on his search for his family and the truth and in the process discover, The Man Who Was Poe.


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