The Color of Fire

Image Courtesy of

Image Courtesy of

Rinaldi, Ann. 2005. The Color of Fire. New York: Hyperion Books for Children. ISBN 078680938-8 $15.99.  Hardcover.



*Highly Recommended–Library Media Connection–Aug/Sept 2005

*School Library Journal–May 2005

Phoebe, a slave must make important choices about her loyalties when they are tested. Tells the tale of arson in New York in 1741.

For a slave, Phoebe has a good life. She lives in the house taking care of her mistress especially during her ‘spells’ and in return she is tutored and given lots of freedom. Lately this freedom has been restricted because of happenings in the town. A mysterious group is setting fire to barns in the area and the white folks are desperately looking for someone to blame.  When Phoebe’s fellow slave and friend, Cuffee is accussed, she must decide where her true loyalties lie and how far she will go to help a friend. Find out the shocking conclusion of ‘the great Negro plot’ in The Color of Fire.


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