Lizzie Bright and the Buckminster Boy

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Schmidt, Gary D. 2004. Lizzie Bright and the Buckminster Boy. New York: Clarion Books. ISBN: 0-618-43929-3. $15.00. Hardcover.

WINNER 2005 – Michael L. Printz Honor
WINNER 2005 – Newbery Honor Book
WINNER 2005 – ALA Best Books for Young Adults
WINNER 2005 – ALA Notable Book for Children
WINNER – Kirkus Reviews Editor Choice Award
WINNER – School Library Journal Best Books of the Year – Children

Turner Buckminster moves to Phippsburg, Maine and meets Lizzie Bright from Malaga Island. The friendship that results teachers Turner about life and true friendship.

Turner Buckminster does not like his new home of Phippsburg, Maine. On the first day, he joins in on a baseball game and learns that even baseball is different in Maine as opposed to Boston. Most of the local boys do not like him in part because he is the new minister’s son. All Turner wants to do is survive his schooling from his father, make a friend or two and grow up so he can leave for the territories out west.

Lizzie Bright is from Malaga Island which is just a short boat ride from Phippsburg. She, her grandfather and the others on the island have lived there for generations. They do not know how they will cope if the Phippsburg men’s plan to kick them off the island and turn it into a resort actually happens. Lizzie meets Turner on the mainland and they become fast friends and even Turner being forbidden to visit the island will not stop them from meeting together. Turner must learn to take a stand against injustice and cope when his life is turned upside-down forever. Learn about a little known historical event from 1912 in Lizzie Bright and the Buckminster Boy.


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