Little Brother

Image Courtesty of

Image Courtesty of

Doctorow, Cory. 2008. Little Brother. New York: Tor, Tom Dohrty Associates. ISBN 978-0-7653-1985-2. $17.95.  Hardcover.

*2009—Prometheus Award–Libertarian Futurist Society Nominee

*2009—Hugo Award—Best Novel Nominee

*2008—Nebula Awards best s/f book Nominee

*2008—NYT Notable Children’s Book

*CYBIL Award

*Booklist Editors’ Choice

*Kirkus Best Book of the Year

*Publishers Weekly Best Children’s Books of the Year

*School Library Journal Best Books of the Year

*VOYA’s Best Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror

After a major terrorist attack on San Francisco, Marcus and his friends must learn to survive in the new police state where the Department of Homeland Security rules via technology.

Marcus goes to the school with the  heaviest surveillance in the country. Marcus prides himself in thwarting the security measures to sneak out and join his friends in a virtual scavenger hunt called Harajuku Fun Madness. Little did he know one day this game would change his life forever.

After his world is turned upside-down, Marcus decides to take matters into his own two hands and use his technology handling skills to fight back against the Department of Homeland Security. (DHS) Using his computer, RFID technology, an Xbox and his own smarts, Marcus is able to ban together an unlikely group of helpers to fight against the police state and constant surveillance. The DHS better watch out for Little Brother.


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