Getting It

Sanchez, Alex. 2006. Getting It. New York: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers.  ISBN 1-14169-0896-X. $16.95. Hardcover.

*Winner, Myers Outstanding Book Award 2007

*International Latino Book Awards, 2nd place, Best Young Adult Fiction in English, 2007

*New York Public Library 2007 “Book for the Teen Age”

*Book-of-the-Month Club Main Selection

Carlos hires Sal, the gay guy at school to give him a makeover. In the process Carlos learns a lot about his friends and life.

Carlos is 15 and wants to find a girlfriend. His group of guy friends all seems to have more experience when it comes to girls and he wants to “get it” in several ways. After flipping through the television stations one night, Carlos gets the idea that Sal, the gay guy at school could maybe give him a makeover like on Queer Eye. Sal agrees on the condition that Carlos helps start the Gay-Straight Alliance at school.

Over the course of the makeover, Carlos learns things about himself, friendship, tolerance and even girls. He also learns that sometimes getting what you thought you wanted is not always the best solution. Carlos learns that Getting It comes in many forms.

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