Beowulf a graphic novel

Image courtesy of

Image courtesy of

Hinds, Gareth (adapter and illustrator). 2007. Beowulf. Cambridge, Massachusetts: Candlewick Press.  ISBN 978-0-7636-3023-2.  $11.99. Paperback


*2008–ALA Best Books for Young Adults

*2008–Great Graphic Novel for Teens

*Highly Recommended–Library Media Connection Oct 2007

*School Library Journal Review–May 2007

*Publisher’s Weekly Review–3/5/2007

*Kirkus Review–4/15/2007

The re-telling of the classic legend of Beowulf as a graphic novel.

The classic epic tale of Beowulf and his deeds has been given a new life by illustrator Gareth Hinds. Gareth Hinds uses the medium of graphic novels to showcase the story of Beowulf as the adventure tale. Most of the action is told through the rich artwork with portions of the poem interspersed  to help explain the tale.  Gareth Hinds shows an understanding of the time period in which the tale takes place and showcases the story in all its glory. You feel caught up in all the action by the energy filled illustrations that dominate the book. Beowulf is given a novel treatment and shown to be the superhero of ancient times.


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