Song of the Sparrow

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Sandell, Lisa Ann. 2007. Song of the Sparrow. New York, Scholastic Press.  ISBN 978-0-439-91848-0 $16.99.  Hardcover

*Starred Review–Publisher’s Weekly–5/14/2007

*School Library Journal Review–Aug 2007

*Library Media Connection Review–Nov 2007

*Booklist Review–9/15/2007

Sixteen year old Elaine has spent eight years as the lone female living with Arthur’s army. When Gwynivere arrives this changes and the girls must learn to trust each other to save Arthur’s army.

I am Elaine daughter of Barnard of Ascolat. Motherless. Sisterless. I sing these words to you now, because the point of light grows smaller, ever smaller now, ever more distant now. And with this song, I pray I may push back the tides of war and death. So, I sing these words that this light, this tiny ray of light and hope may live on. I dare not hope that I may live on too.

Listen to Elaine’s song of how she loved Lancelot, met Gwynivere and was able to help Arthur and his knights. All will be revealed and Elaine’s legend will live on through Song of the Sparrow.


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